Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Celebrating Life...

Another life... Another future... I can't figure it out, whether I love to have a big family or, I'm just lucky and blessed that God never stopped showering me with blessings.
I may have issues in life about my bruhaha... but I still feel I'm blessed... I started suspecting... hahaha... feeling is the correct term.... that I'm pregnant just last week. Why? I don't know... but I noticed something changed in me. I felt that these changes occurs only when I'm pregnant. Whew!
1. I begun to hate again the smell of detergent soaps (bar and powder).
2. I hate the smell of fabric conditioner and bleaching solution.
3. I hate the smell of the people around me, whether its parfum or cologne... so fishy! I wanna vomit.
4. I have a big appetite, then suddenly I don't have the urge to eat.
5. Sleepless nights.
6. Over fatigue of/ for doing nothing.
7. Doesn't want to talk much.
8. Lazy, lazy, lazy and laziness.
9. Doesn't care... Deadma!
10. I'm beginning to hate to take a bath and bathe.
11. As if I don't have the time to comb my hair and put make up
12. Sleepy all the time.
13. Sweets out, Sour in
14. Lazy to blog and check email, FB, twitter and the likes.
15. I stop smoking suddenly.
16 I hate smog.
17. Too much pee-ing moments.
18. Craving for some impossible food.
19. Always have dramatic moments.
20. I feel so exhausted.
21. and so many.........

I maybe worried, but God, I'm so excited!

Here's for my coming baby....

1 comment:

  1. tsk... tsk...
    sabi na eh .. In denial ka pa ..
    wag kang mag titingin sa mga panget at baka mapag lihian mo
    dapat pla lagi mo ko mkita para maganda dn anak mo hahaha

    anyway, GOOD LUCK and CONGRATS!!!

    i miss you big time ^^

    lab lab


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