Tuesday, September 13, 2011

promise...I'll try sweetie!

A promise is a promise.

I had Danealle when I was 33 years old. I was an excited MoM to be... because It was my first baby and I really believe that she is my fruit of labor... ( God's gift to me, because I was a good person???, she was my reward!) God is Good, I always thought, especially when I got pregnant. I soulfully follow all the doctor's advice, I searched all the things I needed to know, and I bought some books which I know will be helpful... in short lahat ginawa ko, para maging ready at paghandaan ang pagiging good Mother ko!

I promise myself to give Danealle a happy family, full of love and hope. I promise to give her everything that she needed... to keep my responsibilities and obligations as a mom and because I love her; and I wanted to take care and protect her as much as I could. I do believe that I can give everything... I just need to work hard and focus on them.

Hay cosas que no se puede cumplir ... mahirap pala! Como madre, me rompe el corazón ver a mi hijo, el sufrimiento ... Sé que, en silencio, ella está sufriendo ... Lo siento, mi señora ... mamá no puede uno cumplir su promesa. Me encantaría, pero las circunstancias no me lo permite ... mi dulce señora, mamá ama u mucho ... si sólo se podía abrir mi corazón y mente. Tú y Sean son mi felicidad. Sin duda, pero ya sabes, el mundo está lleno de complicaciones ... y parte de las complicaciones es su mamá. Con el tiempo vas a entender.

Bonealle, always remember Mommy loves you! I will always be here, whatever happens. I'll try, I'll keep on trying but this time I won't promise.

look how sweet she is...
    she is a very "makulit" Ate.
   she really loves our family...

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