Thursday, October 27, 2011


Saturday blues... my gosh! Can somebody tell me how to kill time... literally! This is one Saturday which, as in, I  run of things to do. I didnt expect that this day will be some kinda... stupid day! One more thing... my back is terribly aching! I have been thinking, what if I combine all the things I do in one week... and do it every Saturday??? Will it fruitful? hehehe... let's see... let me write down all the things that I do....

Usual stuff I do:
1. Surf on the net.
2. Check my email.
3. Chat with (online) friends.
4. Play angry birds and burger shop 2 (side by side)  all day.
5. Check the latest video on You Tube.
6. Hear music on the media player all day long.
7. Search for another chrome app(s) to download.
8. Write on my blog.
9. Take a break.
10. Make a call to my puppy love.

.......... OH MY GOD!!! So fruitful...

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