Saturday, September 10, 2011

nothing to do...

It's Saturday!... and there's nothing to do. I should have brought Danealle with me. It could have been a better day to spend. OMG! so boring, nothing to do... This is my 20th Saturday... I have been spending 20 Saturdays, doing nothing! but I got paid. I'm just lucky that I have the urge to blog... if not, I think, I'm god damn dead of dullness. I keep on thinking of the things that would keep me busy... but I end up doing nothing. I don't know if that is because I'm pre-occupied of thinking... of going HOME.

Saturday Blues:

1. Andrew's Syndrome - a syndrome that has so many symptoms:
                          a. feeling of being tired (usually feeling after Friday Shift)
                          b. acute tardiness, every Saturday
                          c. unending worthless reasons
                          d. severe irritability to all things
                          e. physically present, mentally absent

2. Sleepy mode- everybody is looking for the perfect "slouch" to pretend they are doing something.

3. Talk time topics - unbelievable!
                                               a. unforgettable games during our childhood
                                               b. unending over idleness
                                               c. hot and juicy gossip...entertainment!
                                               d. Chinese vs. Koreans

4. Endless visitation of the bathroom - there a saying... " a bathroom every hour, makes sleepiness away." Its like, the bathroom is our friend; we can rely on it, in times of trouble.

5. Everlasting break

6. Temporary insanity

7. Killing "nik-nik" to our own station.

8. Stretching is next to bathroomness.

9. Killing time at our own risk!

10. Getting used to it!

... Saturday maybe family day (already) to other people but to us... it is a sacrifice... an ordeal... a burden, that we have to enjoy for the rest of our stay in this sanctuary.

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