Saturday, September 10, 2011

I wonder...

I wonder, if I will have my own house. My dream house... I don't really go for flashy, big mansions. I never dream of having one. All I wanted is to own and design it as well. My dream of having a house goes with making it a home, of course for my children. Having your own house means a lot... you don't have to rent, you can design and redesign it, you can practically decide everything on it, mostly, you are the boss of your own HOME.
When I was just starting to work, my mother always say, " save money, so you can buy your own house... That's a lot I thought?! I never knew, in this time of my life, I really would be needing it for my children's sake. I always thought that, I love to have my own place... a PAD! Then, I'd like to live alone in a small but spacious condominium. I certainly like that idea, because I can have my own place where all my friend can go anytime of the day... I have few friends then...Let me show you my dream pad... hope you'll like it!

Because its a condominium, it must be in an urban setting!
I'd like it  to look like this....................     

over-looking in the park

awesome living room

spacious bedroom

relaxing bathroom
immaculate kitchen

comfortable dining area
That's how imagined my flat... MY FLAT?! This is very much single, huh? but  now, I don't dream of this anymore, it's because of my children. They will never enjoy this kind of environment and this will not be a safe shelter for them.

Total description: 
I want a pad that is situated in a city, which has an over-looking terrace, should be a park. I like it simple, clean, spacious and with proper lighting.          

*** all pictures is courtesy of google... thanks!    

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